Saturday, March 21, 2015

We Need To Talk About the New Star Wars Rebels Episode

So, the TV show Star Wars Rebels has just stirred some very interesting things into the mix. First, we have the fact that the villain, The Inquisitor, died. His last moments were he was clinging onto something so he would not fall into the raging fire below, and his last words were "You don't know what you've unleashed today. Some things are far more terrifying than death." as he releases his grip and plunges into the explosion. Next, Ahsoka Tano shows up at the end. For no reason at all, she has a cameo, along with Bail Organa. And since they need to have a new Sith dude, guess who they get? DARTH VADER! Star Wars Rebels has certainly gotten a while lot more interesting this week, and I think that Star Wars fans worldwide were on the edge of their seats this entire episode!

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