Sunday, March 15, 2015

LE Cinderella Doll Review

Okay, confession time: I don't own this doll. I would love to, but cannot afford a $500 doll. I am just going to compare her to the other Disney Store Wedding Cinderella and share some photos.

One up close photo of her…

Her veil…

A wider shot of her dress & veil…

A photo of her outdoors (note: DEFINITELY not recommended)

The details on the bottom of her dress…

And when you close her box, this is how it looks…

I think she's absolutely gorgeous, but having not seen her in person, I can't really judge.

The Disney Store open edition 'Wedding Cinderella & her Prince' set is also available at this time. For 69.99, you get the happy (or not so happy) couple.

This is the only pic i'm gonna upload of the Prince, cause he's not what i'm talking about right now.

Here is a close up of her. She & the Prince look really unhappy.

Here is a full shot of her. All in all, the dolls look about the same except for the dresses (and the LE one looks even more unhappy than the OE, if possible!), so i'd just go with the 69.99 over the 500, plus bonus Prince Kit ;)


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