Sunday, March 15, 2015

Top 5 Cinderella Merchandise

In honor of Disney's newest Live Action movie Cinderella coming out, I have compiled some awesome pictures of merch available. Its going to be my Top 5 Fave Cinderella Merch.

This beautiful LE Cinderella Costume for Girls. Its stunning. My only complaint is that if I were to purchase it, I would never let anyone wear it. ;)


This delicate tea set will enchant any fan. My only complaint: I would have extreme depression and would most likely need therapy if anything happened to this set. It just looks so fragile…


Lovely LE Ball Cinderella Doll. 129.95 from


LE Wedding Cinderella. Very beautiful. 500.00 from


This takes the cake as my absolute favorite. This is an actual wedding dress by Alfred Angelo that is meant to be a replica of the one Lily James wears in the film. I have never wished so much that I was gonna get married soon. You can learn about it at


Disney Store Frozen Fever Anna Plush

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