Thursday, February 19, 2015

WDW Trip-First One Ever!

I love Disney. Always have, always will. So when I realized that I should probably try out Disney World, I couldn't say No to myself! Allow me to intro you to those on the trip…

Me, Connie, the funder of this trip!

Little Leota! Well, just Leota, she's my niece. Kathleen, my sister, said it was ok to take her with. And Disney's just more fun with kids, right?

We started off with me going to pick up Leota from Kathleen's. It was 5 in the morning, and the little girl was bouncing off the steps! I left my car at Kathy's and summoned a taxi with my all powerful device, THE IPHONE! Dun dun dun! I will spare you info of the car ride & plane ride, and skip to OUR ARRIVAL… at the Pop Century! (or as Leota has christened it, the Pop Centaur). They got our room wrong. We needed a stroller room (or as they call it, Wheelchair Suite) and they had already told us we would get it. Also while we were on the phone (Leota would come over to my house whenever we were planning the trip together) we had requested a room in front of Roger Rabbit. No Roger Rabbit, we were right next to the noisy, noisy elevator. Whoopee. Leota was excited anyways. So I was prepared to cut my losses and head to the parks when I realized that THERE WAS NO COFFEE MAKER, which just doesn't work. So I called 'em up, and they said we could move into our new room tomorrow. Leota was getting antsy so we headed to Epcot. She insisted upon Norway first because that's where Anna & Elsa are from, and I didn't really care either way because I was told that you can see IllumiNATIONS: Reflections of Earth from any of the countries. We travelled on. Leota was hopping and skipping the whole way! Once we got to Norway, there was a store that had Frozen stuff so of course Leota wanted to go in. One of the items she was after, the Elsa Accessory Set, they were out of, but she bought the Anna one anyway. I loved all the authentic Norwegian items they had! But I was good and did not buy any. Since we couldn't find any good chairs next to the water in Norway, we went to Italy to get some quick service & sit down but I was told "There is no quick service in Italy!".  So us wandering travelers went to Germany. As it was the end of the night, we were given free dessert with our food. We had:

Apple Streusel
Chocolate Cake
Hot Dog

I ate the Hot Dog & Chocolate Cake, and Leota had the Bratwurst & Apple Strudel. Stay tuned for WDW: Part 2!

Introduction to my Blog!

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